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In The Heart of Toronto Fashion District

King Condos by Westbank

New King Condos by Westbank and Allied and Bjarke Ingels Group Architect

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Something amazing is set to come to King West. Two BIG developers (Westbank and Allied Properties) and BIG (Bjarke Ingles Group) architects are in the process of developing an extraordinary structure which will be a first of its kind in Toronto. This is a new condominium project that will be amazingly unique, peaking at 16 Storeys. The project is located at 489-533 King Street West in the Toronto neighbourhood between Spadina Avenue and King Street West. The condo project is still in its pre-construction stage. It will be composed of a total of 514 condo units for mixed use.

The concept of the project was aimed at creating a structure beyond the conventional tower-on-a-podium. In fact, according to the founding partner of Bjarke Ingels Group, it makes no sense to have a city with homogenous structures and this is why the architect came up with an innovative design for this project. The building is a visual feast for the eyes and will create spaces for residential, retail as well as boutique offices. The design offers cascading balconies and terraces to all residents, with the intention of creating abundant green space.  The sets of pixels, which make up the rolling façade of the building, will be rotated at an angle of 45 degrees from the street grid. The goal being to increase exposure to air and natural sunlight.  The development will also create a distinct centre for the Toronto community by connecting various pedestrian paths that cross this generous public space.

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King Condos Highlights

King Condos Neighbourhood and Location

The Fashion District in Toronto is the place to be for people looking for condos in Toronto. The neighbourhood has many trendy bars, restaurants, and galleries all situated at strategic points. Urban enthusiasts, professionals, and urban-oriented individuals flock to this lively and energetic downtown district.

The Fashion District is a great example of the revitalization of Toronto’s downtown. It is previously known to be a great hub for different garment manufacturing and textile stores. The district still rocks its stunning number of warehouses and factories. Most of these structures have been reestablished for the current gallery, restaurant, residential and office use.

In terms of transit, King Street West is served well with a 24-hour streetcar that runs past the site’s doorstep and runs across the whole city.

King Condos Amenities

Due to the impressive design of the building, the units will be broken down into several modules that will give residents great topography and outstanding views of the surrounding street. The peaks will be reclined back to allow maximum light for both the street and the courtyard. The plan also features a restoration of the four major heritage buildings.
Other spectacular features of this project include the larger than the normal number of 2-3 bedroomed units. The structure also includes various knock-out panels that will make it easy to coalesce the small units to create larger ones in the future if need be.

Proposed in the plan are 181,070 square feet of retail units and 38,696 square feet of modern office spaces. All these will be featured on the first three floors. The upper floors are expected to be comprised of about 624 residential units. The unit is projected to have a total of 78 studio units, 318 one-bedroom units, 167-two bedroom units and 61 three-bedroom units.
The indoor amenity space is estimated to occupy about 12,346 square feet. The outdoor amenities will take up 6,012 square feet. A commercial fitness facility is also set to be established on the site for the benefit of residents.

The most fascinating feature of this project is the proposed public courtyard which will take more than 21,000 square feet of space. The courtyard will comprise two different elements i.e. hemlock forest and urban court. The professional hemlock forest will provide both visitors and residents with a natural setting. The court will be composed of an exceptional outdoor seating, commercial and ground-floor retail section. On the southeastern corner, a secret garden will again be established behind one of the renovated heritage structures.
According to the three architects behind this development, the contemporary part of the condominium will consist of different materials like stone, brick, glass and precast concrete. This will help to provide a visually appealing contrast while complimenting and enhancing the historic segment.

Developers behind King Condos – Westbank Corp

Westbank Corp is a renowned developer that have successfully established many monumental structures. This has made their name very widespread including the Mirvish Village in Toronto. They are experienced in developing five-star hotels, luxury condominiums, public art developments, retail and commercial offices and much more. With the aim of creating quality projects, Westbank Corp has portrayed an artistic culture by aiding in fostering gorgeous cities. Unlike other typical project developers, Westbank uses distinct methods and this has enabled them to earn a good name. They are referred to as city builders due to the beautiful developments they create.

They have several offices in different cities like Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Beijing, Taiwan, Tokyo, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. In all their developments, Westbank takes greater consideration in terms of environmental conservation. They own and run an energy system in Vancouver. They do everything possible to minimize carbon footprint in cities. This is why they’ve been referred to as the largest LEED Platinum developers.

Westbank have also commissioned several public art installations by world’s leading artists. Therefore, they’ve been regarded as the ambassadors of culture. Currently, they have about 30 different installations from around the world including both completed and yet to be completed. All these are because of their long-standing obligation to artistry which can be seen in all the projects they handle. They are very adaptable and can handle both small and multimillion square feet projects. Some of their previous developments include Shangri-La and 188 188 University Avenue.

Developers behind King Condos – Allied Property Developers

Just like Westbank, Allied is another popular property developer in Toronto. The company specializes in creating a number of commercial projects mostly in renovated cultural buildings. Their artwork can be seen in The Fashion District and various parts of the downtown. They have established themselves in nine different cities across Canada. They are great property managers, owners as well as developers. The company prioritizes competent management and their portfolio has constantly grown.

Allied has played a key role in the development of Toronto. For over 25 years, they’ve provided a great insight into the ever-changing real estate industry. Their main targets include the development of first-class office spaces, retail structures, and commercial spaces. Allied has also established iconic communication connecting hub at 151 Front Street West, Toronto. This means all their tenants and clients enjoy reliable Internet access. Businesses can complete their operations with ease. Their ability to repurpose various industrial spaces has helped them remain in touch with history. This has also provided them with a conducive environment where they can continue with their creativity and innovation.

Most of their structures are artistically appealing. They feature exposed high ceilings, bricks and lots of natural light. The company believes that fashionable buildings are not only ideal for retaining tenants due to the low cost but are also excellent for retail and office units. Most clients yearn for modernity and access to technology. Their previous projects include 141 Bathurst Street, The Chambers 40 Elgin St, 193 Yonge St. and 390 Charest Blvd, East.

Architects behind King Condos – Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

Bjarke Ingels Group is the architect behind the King Street West Condos. The architect is popularly known for building sustainable structures. They’ve designed various housing complexes in different parts of the world. In fact, they have won several architectural competitions and other design contests. Their creative collaborations with world-class artists have enabled them to strongly compete in their architectural adventures.

In the new King Condos, Bjarke Ingels Group brings a state-of-the-art design that features sculpted valleys and peaks. The plan looks like no other and this is quite impressive. No one has ever imagined a structure with pixelated modules in Toronto and this is what BIG is yet to unveil. The company may be simply what Toronto wants to open doors to a new age of condominium designs. It aims at breaking the identical designs in the city of Toronto. BIG is led by a 43-year old renowned architect who has smart convention-defying structural designs. With his combination of urban architectural skills, he is expected to bring out a multipurpose design that will positively transform the social lives of both Toronto residents and visitors alike.

King Condo Key Details

Location: 489-539 King St W (West of Spadina)
Neighbourhood: King West / Fashion District
Builders: Westbank Corp & Allied Properties REIT
Architects: Bjarke Ingels Group, Diamond Schmitt Architects
Number of Units: 516
Stories: 16
Unit Sizes: 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms.
WalkScore: 100
Transit Score: 100
Expected Pricing: $1500/sf
Completion Date Fall 2022
Starting Prices: Mid $700’s
Maintenance Fees: TBA
Amenities: Catering Kitchen, Concierge, Court, Courtyard, Cycle-Friendly, Fitness, Games Room, Garden, Lounge, Parking, Playground, Storage, Terrace

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