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Bjarke Ingels Group

About Bjarke Ingels Group

Pioneering pragmatic utopian architecture for the quality living. Bjarke Ingels Group is a community of architects, urbanists, landscapers, interior designers, inventors, researchers, and product designers that pride themselves on creating masterpiece buildings all over the world. With its main offices based in London, New York, and Copenhagen, this group of professionals aims to factor in communication technologies and global economic trends while blending cultures to forge a different yet unique architectural direction. This as opposed to pale, boxy buildings which commonly define the architectural direction taken by other companies. This group of companies is renowned for putting up unique buildings that leave everyone in awe. But with 17 partners, 15 directors and 26 associates Bjarke Ingels Group is clearly not here to play.

Bjarke Ingels Group-BIG was founded in 2005 by Bjarke Ingels a renowned Danish architect who has led the institution to grow in leaps and bounds to become a strong contender in the buildings and construction industry the world over. At only 44 years old, Bjarke Ingels along with his team of contemporary architects have gathered recognition for being the brains behind ravishing developments in major countries and states.

Some of these developments include;
  • Amagerforbrænding in Copenhagen
  • Danish Pavilion in Shanghai world fair
  • New York based housing development dubbed West 57

Bjarke Ingels Toronto

Bjarke Ingels continues to break new ground with signature developments both existing and others set to come up in the near future. One such recently unveiled development is the geometrically elaborate ‘Unzipped wall’ set to be reconstructed beside the Westbank’s Shaw Towers in Vancouver after making its rounds in numerous cities in Canada.

The Unzipped wall is an exhibition pavilion comprising 1,802 fiberglass boxes arranged carefully to mimic an unzipped wall. The wall was first erected at Kensington Gardens in London but only in part. Once reconstructed, the Pavilion now measures 88.5 feet long, 46 feet high and 39 feet wide. The wall was put up to somewhat give residents in Toronto a taste of what is to come on the King Condo development. The Serpentine Pavillion is set to be an exhibit and showcase Bjarke Ingels’ Group projects throughout the world.

BIG and Westbank are joining efforts in the new King Street Toronto Condo development which after two years of negotiations with city planners, the project has finally been approved. Westbank is a renowned real estate developer well versed in putting up luxury buildings. They frequently work with other companies such as Bjarke Ingels Group to bring influence and create stunning buildings. This is a developer that chooses to employ high standards and creativity to work on projects that bring value. They are pace-setters when it comes to innovation and just like Bjarke Ingels Group are not afraid to venture out from what is normal.

On the King Toronto Project, no house is set to look the same as the other with each house taking up its own unique identity. The building looks like a number of mountains held close together. Each apartment is box-shaped and stacked creatively on top of another up to the highest floor. The interior of the apartment is planned to be L shaped or square shaped with remaining spaces conveniently designed as corridors and laundry rooms. In the spirit of community, the apartments are held close to each other and contain big windows and balconies aimed at encouraging a sense of togetherness where neighbors can see and greet each other easily.

Each condo unit will feature a tree or vines crawling beautifully on the walls borrowing inspiration from the Montreal’s Habitat 67 which was developed by Moshe Safdie. In a bid to keep from blending in BIG made numerous adjustments on their initial plan in a bid to conform to King Street culture. This includes a quiet, calm and environment-friendly place that is set to bring everyone together. BIG plans to use glass block as the main outer layer material aimed at using the versatility of glass material in beautifying the King Street development.

The King Street development brings a new modern feel to Toronto by factoring in information from locals coupled with the surroundings. This helps them come up with unique buildings unlike no other that have been built but yet buildings that will attract locals and cultivate a sense of pride in the residents. Besides apartments, the development is set to have restaurant patios with performances, office and retail spaces furthering the developer’s goal of encouraging social integration.

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