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In a world that is quickly changing, Westbank Corporation are part of that change. They play a big role in making the world a better place, one luxury condo apartment at a time. Despite being a Canadian company based in Vancouver, they have left architectural footprints in other large cities including Toronto.

Started in 1992 by Ian Gillespie, Westbank does not only make buildings, they aim to build works of art that can only be described as masterpieces. With over 25 years’ experience, Westbank has remained to be one of the leading developers worldwide and has above 25 billion projects some of which have been completed with others still being developed. Theirs is an architecture of eloquence. Their works and impressive portfolio speak for themselves.
Previous developing projects in Toronto.

This reputable developer has gone the extra mile to build sophisticated works of art in Toronto. Some of their notable developing projects in this town are:

Mirvish village – this iconic landmark was bought in 2013 and Westbank filled it with life and glamour by turning it into a self-sufficient building that perfectly fits in Toronto. It consists of around 840 condo units should be done by the year 2020.

Shangri-La Toronto – words would not be enough to describe the justice done to this architectural masterpiece. This impressive building is 700ft, 67 stories tall and features the magnificent Shangri-La hotel (202 rooms) and 395 residential condos that are nothing but luxurious.

The upcoming King Condos.
With its ever-growing portfolio, Westbank recently announced an upcoming project in the heart of Toronto’s fashion district, King West Street. This project has been dubbed Bjarke Ingels and is speculated to end up being one of the most daring works of art. It will be the King Condos. It was originally designed to have 5 peaks and 624 residential condos but recent designs show 4 of them and 514 condos.

There will be event spaces in the inner courtyard and terraces that will allow the growth of trees and flowers in a bid to better the environment. The patio will also allow the public ease of access into the building and make it easier for them to maneuver it. Westbank has set the upcoming building’s design to accentuate the already existing buildings instead of overshadowing them. This is good news for the town as the Bjarke Ingels is not all about money but also the welfare of the community it seeks to develop.

It is expected that the building design will continue changing, but only for the better. This project will be nothing like the common boring style of architecture featuring shiny glass towers. The project seeks to be daring, exciting, sophisticated and legendary.

With more buildings coming up daily, few match the standards set by Westbank Corporation. Their buildings are set to leave a mark that will live on for years to come. While most developers are focused on the millions they willWestbankestbank focuses on providing a long-lasting solution for the surrounding communities. They are building their legacy, one luxury condo at a time.

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